Success Story: Therapy Center Lafayette

After an elevator accident at his camp, Mr. Paul, better known as “Pod”, suffered two thoracic vertebrae burst fractures as well as bilateral femoral and tibial fractures.  After a long hospitalization, Pod came to Therapy Center to work on his back, legs and ankles.


“When he first came to therapy, Pod was reliant on a manual wheelchair and unable to stand independently.  His goals were to walk and to be able to get on his tractor,” recalled Scott, physical therapist at Therapy Center Lafayette.


Within the first week of treatment, Pod began to improve. Balance, gait training, strengthening, endurance and manual stretching were all dialed up to push Pod to his limits.


“In the end, it was a combination that resulted in his ability to walk.  Pod was highly motivated to stand and walk again.  Even on his worst days, he did not give up.  He gave one hundred percent each session,” says Scott.


“The best part of therapy was working with these fine people at Therapy Center.  My experience was wonderful, and I enjoyed every second of my time here with the staff,” says Pod.


We are proud to share Pod can now walk with a walker and/or a cane!


“It was so rewarding to see Pod meet his goals in therapy.  It’s the whole reason we do what we do, helping people get back to their normal daily lives,” says Scott.


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