Success Story: Avoyelles Manor Nursing Home

After bilateral above knee amputations, Ms. Peggy found herself at Avoyelles Manor Nursing Home feeling doubtful she would ever be able to return home independently.  Our therapy team was introduced to her upon arrival being totally dependent on transfers from bed to wheelchair.  She was also suffering from general weakness and poor endurance.


“My goal was to build up the muscles that I needed to transfer so that I could go back home,” says Ms. Peggy.


“Her first thoughts were that it would be impossible for her to be able to go home.  We found success stories and videos of other “BAKA” living independently at home to prove that it is possible.  Through motivation and encouragement, Peggy began participating and getting more comfortable with us,” says Emily R., Physical Therapy Assistant for Therapy Center.


Ms. Peggy had the most difficulty donning/doffing pants, transfers, bed mobility and wheelchair mobility.  The therapy team noticed an improvement in Ms. Peggy’s attitude as she progressed in therapy.  She benefited from core exercises to improve her sitting balance and tolerance in the wheelchair.


As therapists, we often try to find new, creative ways to get our patients excited about therapy.  Ms. Peggy was no different.


“She looked forward to seventies rock music to get started with her exercise routine.  We would give pep talks as needed to keep her motivated to go home.  We ordered a special sliding board to increase independence with transfers.  We also helped Ms. Peggy order things that she needed at home to help boost her motivation,” says Emily.


“My therapists are very dedicated to their jobs.  I wouldn’t have reached my goals if it wasn’t for them.  They made me feel like family which inspired me to come to therapy every day and give it all I had.  Emily, Beth, Mama and Sadie will always be in my heart for never giving up on me.  I was happiest while I was in therapy,” says Peggy.

Approaching the end of her stay, our therapy team completed a home evaluation for Ms. Peggy.


“She then realized she could physically transfer to and from the lift chair and toilet as well as get around safely within her apartment independently.  We are so proud to have discharged Ms. Peggy with goals met to return home.  We are truly touched to be a part of such an amazing success story,” says Therapy Center team at Avoyelles Manor Nursing Home.


“If anyone ever finds themselves in the same predicament, I would tell them to never give up!  Put it all in God’s hands and stay positive.  Don’t skip therapy!  Don’t tell your therapists you can’t do something or you want to quit because they will prove to you that you can and will succeed!”


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