Benefits of Physical Therapy: 4 Tips for the First Trimester

Do you wish that you were better prepared for the changes that your body will undergo through the next nine months of pregnancy? Our physical therapist, Kassy Zerangue, knows the motherhood journey well. She developed the tips below to help moms understand some of the body changes they can expect to see when they’re expecting.

First Trimester Tips

During the first trimester of pregnancy, moms will mostly experience hormonal changes. Most often, exercise is the last thing on your mind. In addition, early postural changes can be expected due to the belly and breast getting larger.

    1. Get started with a cardio exercise plan early!
      • Cardio exercises help prevent severe shortness of breath later on in pregnancy and help prepare you for the marathon that is labor.
      • It is recommended to get 150 mins of cardiovascular exercise weekly. Breaking up the exercise into multiple days will make this goal easier to achieve.
      • Try to push yourself either with speed or holding light weight so you are breathing heavier and having difficulty holding a conversation.
    2. Come in for a posture assessment.
      • Growing breasts can cause a head forward and rounded shoulder posture which places a lot of stress in the upper back and cervical muscles.
      • Overstretched abdominal muscles and growth of the belly can cause you to shift your weight over your toes and hinge at your low back. This can add significant stress and tightening of muscles in the lower back and hips.
      • Performing stretches and strengthening exercises will address postural changes that can lead to pain and discomfort in neck/upper back, lower back, and hips/legs.
    3. Have your core muscle strength assessed.
      • Working on core strengthening will help support your body while pregnant and also prepare you for labor.
    4. Get recommendations on shoe inserts.
      • Prevention is key. Some pregnant women may see changes in their feet. Flattening of the feet can be due to increased laxity in ligaments as well as the increased weight. If you are local to the Acadiana area, check out Geaux Run in Lafayette, LA.

If you would like to learn more about the tips discussed in this article, we are here to help! Make sure to follow our Facebook page for more tips like this and reach out to one of our clinics today for recommendations. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercises.


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