Sports Medicine

Therapy Center’s Sports Medicine program provides expert care in helping athletes improve their performance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries. The Sports Medicine staff has years of experience with injury prevention, injury care, rehabilitation, education, and the most current techniques on bracing and wrapping. Partnership with Therapy Center provides schools with:

  • Yearly physicalsHigh resolution concept or conceptual 3D human anatomy body with pain isolated on white background as a metaphor to health, medicine, medical, biology,osteoporosis,arthritis,joint,inflammation or ache
  • Consultations for off-season programs and protective equipment
  • Attendance at all home varsity events for contracted sports and consultations when needed
  • Treatment of injuries by athletic trainer and/or physical therapist at Therapy Center Clinic of Jennings
  • Concussion baseline testing for all collision sports
  • Taping, wrapping, and bracing of any athlete
  • Care of training room
  • Records management for injuries and physicals
  • Education for school personnel, injured athletes, and their families
  • Visits to contracted schools at least twice a week

Therapy Center believes in developing a team approach within our sports medicine program. Our team of athletic trainers collaborates with physicians, physical therapists, coaches, student aides, athletes, parents/guardians, administrative personnel, and other health care professionals to ensure the best treatment and prevention measures are put in place for our patients.