March Madness: Tips To Keep You In The Game’s March and we all know what that means… March Madness! Whether it is watching your favorite team or the thrill of filling out your bracket projections, there is a little something each of us can learn from the players we are watching.

Becoming a college level athlete takes years of hard work, dedication, and commitment. The same holds true for any of us as it relates to our physical health. You get out of it what you put in, right?

We wanted to share a few exercises from  our resident sports fanatic, Bo Deal, Physical and Occupational Therapist at Therapy Center’s outpatient clinic in Jennings. These exercises can be done at home and can help the athlete in each of you to continue functioning at your highest level and prevent injury.


Hitting one stretch for each major muscle group is recommended to keep you at your best. Static stretches should be uncomfortable, but not painful. Holding them for 10-30 seconds should help stabilize your muscles before and after workout or playing a game.


A dynamic stretch is a distinct set of movements completed prior to a physical activity which increases blood flow, heart rate, and moves joints through their normal range of motion to prepare the body for the upcoming activity. Tips for a dynamic warm up are noted below:

  • The warm-up should be at least 10 minutes of continuous activity, gradually increasing intensity as you go.
  • Movements should include all areas of the body that will be working during the activity. Examples of movements are squats, lunges forward, lunges sideways, and hip openers.

Watch These Videos For Stretches

Special thanks to our physical & occupational therapist at Therapy Center’s outpatient clinic in Jennings, Bo Deal. Bo joined the Therapy Center team in 2003 and as a dual degree as a physical and occupational therapist. His past experience has given him extensive knowledge in treating pain, orthopedic, and neurological conditions in a wide variety of populations from student athletes to geriatric.

Contact one of our outpatient clinics today to learn more about exercises to get you feeling your best.


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