Success Story – Lemoine Therapy Services Alexandria

Following an injury while serving on active duty in the United States Army, Seth received a total knee replacement.  After undergoing therapy at a different therapy location, Seth felt his knee was not completely rehabilitated which affected his overall health and well-being.


“My doctor reassigned me to Lemoine Therapy Services and it has made the difference in getting my body and life back to normal and functioning again.  The care I received from Lemoine Therapy is what made the difference in my recovery, and I am completely happy with the whole experience,” says Seth, physical therapy patient at Lemoine Therapy Services in Alexandria.


“When I first saw Seth, he was very apprehensive about the outcome of his surgery.  He was not optimistic, but that gradually improved as he started to make progress,” says Stephan, Physical Therapist at Lemoine Therapy Services in Alexandria.


During Seth’s physical therapy sessions, they worked hard on range of motion, mobility, gate and overall function.  As he progressed, they went into higher level function exercises.  He can now stand correctly, kneel down, tie his shoes, walk properly, jog and ride a bicycle…all things he could not do prior to coming to Lemoine Therapy!


“My experience with Lemoine staff was awesome.  I enjoyed talking to and working with all members of the staff and feel like I have gained new friends and met some good people.  I come across a lot of people in my line of work as a Project Manager for the Louisiana Army National Guard and the Rapides Sheriff Office, and I try to recommend them to Lemoine Therapy Services whenever I hear of someone in need of therapy services,” says Seth.


“It was extremely fulfilling for me to help someone with his background and duties.  I’m so thankful and humbled to be a part of getting him get back to serving our community,” says Stephan.


“The most rewarding thing about my experience was getting my life back to normal and being able to function. The great thing was also getting to meet some good people during the process and make some new friends.”


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