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Speech therapists, also known as Speech Language Pathologists, are trained in areas of oral motor skills such as swallowing, cognitive communication and orientation such as memory and problem solving, fluency such as stuttering, literacy, social skills, articulation, and most obviously, speech.  They can treat patients with any condition that could hinder their ability to communicate ranging from toddler to the elderly.


“I think people would be surprised to learn of all the different things a speech therapist is trained to do. We work with all different age settings and a variety of disorders,” states Susan G., SLP.

If you ask a speech therapists about a typical day and the treatment plans for patients, you will find that there is no cookie cutter treatment plan that can be applied to all patients.  Each patient is different; they each require different levels of care and focus in various areas. Often times, a speech therapist will collaborate with physical therapists, occupational therapists, and family members regarding ways to improve the patient’s communication, cognition, and language barrier.


How Can You Be Referred To A Speech Therapist?

Patients are typically referred by a physician or other agency for outpatient services. In some cases, patients may self-refer, particularly if they are planning to pay out-of-pocket.

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