Ms. Edna’s Success Story: Consistent Compassion and Quality Care – Savoy Care Center

In September of 2019, Ms. Edna had an accident at home and she required surgery. Her doctors recommended skilled services in a skilled nursing facility so she could receive as much therapy as she could tolerate. During her stay in a local SNF, Ms. Edna became sick with a UTI and was hospitalized at Mercy Regional Medical Center. She received therapy from Therapy Center while on acute for 2 weeks.


“My mom was so excited to be able to walk and use the equipment that therapy had to be able to feel independent again. She was motivated by the therapists and encouragement they provided. She left the hospital with the ability to transfer herself from the bed to the bed side toilet and transfer from the bed to the wheelchair,” explained Mary Bergeaux Willis, Edna’s daughter.


In response to the COVID crisis, Mary moved her mom back home, but she quickly realized Ms. Edna needed more therapy and care than she could provide.


“We chose Savoy Care Center because I knew the same therapy provider mom saw at Mercy Regional hospital would be providing the services in Savoy Care Center and that was important to me. If it wouldn’t have been the Therapy Center, my momma would have given up long ago. The amount of therapy she received when she arrived, and continues to receive, gives her the hope that she needed to live her life the fullest. So much credit goes to Therapy Center and Savoy Care Center, you guys are amazing. I highly recommend this place to people who need help with their elderly.”

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