Success Story – Lemoine Therapy Services Alexandria

After a car accident, Christy suffered from neck, wrist and back pain.  She decided to undergo physical therapy at Lemoine Therapy Services in Alexandria.

“When she arrived she had decreased mobility and strength, leaving her unable to pick up her children and work at the daycare,” says Stephan, physical therapist.  Christy needed to quickly return to her full-time job and lift her own children, so they hit the ground running during her physical therapy sessions.

“Because she worked at a daycare we focused on strength in core stability.  We also worked on lifting and carrying objects away from her body which required a lot of shoulder and neck stability.  After three weeks I could tell she was being diligent with her home exercises and becoming more mobile.”

“My experience was amazing!  All the staff were extremely nice and easy to get along with.  I can turn my neck with no pain and I’m able to lift more,” says Christy.

“I became a therapist so that I could help people return to their normal lives, doing the things they love to do like playing with their children.  She was a great patient,” says Stephan.

“Most importantly I have no more pain.  The staff made it interesting and fun to come to every session,” says Christy.

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Disclaimer: Pictures and story captured prior to COVID-19 pandemic.


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