The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19 – Therapy Center team at Amelia Manor Nursing Home

“Therapy Center’s core values are servant leadership, open interaction and communication with members of our team, while providing superior service.  If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s learning to look at each individual employee and what their knowledge, skills and experience brings to the table.  A great performing team is dependent on each member being open-minded to the others’ strengths and weaknesses and allowing ourselves to develop from this interaction.  Fortunately, we are part of a great team.  Alone we are usually good, but together we can be great,” says Stephen, co-owner of Therapy Center.


An amazing example of the difference wonderful teamwork makes is our therapy team at Amelia Manor Nursing Home.


“They continued to reiterate safety precautions to patients and staff.  We had staff members that left because of fear.  The Therapy Center team was so great even in the midst of panic, almost the calm in the middle of the storm.  It was never a question whether they would be here or not.  They were always here front and center, even though some had new babies at home.  They were so consistent the whole time.  The therapists set a really good example for the Certified Nursing Assistants showing them by properly gearing up and staying safe, they were still able to treat their patients and give them the best possible care.  The therapists assured the staff and helped make them comfortable while caring for those that tested positive in the home,” says Debbie, Director of Nursing at Amelia Manor Nursing Home.


Because our therapy team works full time at the facility, they have long-standing knowledge and relationships with residents in the home.  They were able to identify changes in behavior very early, which enabled front-line staff to quickly diagnose and treat those positive patients.



“They were a big reason we had really good outcomes compared to others during the pandemic.  The speech therapist would notice if a resident’s appetite decreased which helped quickly identify a possible case.  They would go to sick residents’ rooms to do therapy and help them with their ADLs, while also encouraging hydration and pushing fluids throughout their time with each patient,” says Debbie.


Apart from basic therapy, the team at Amelia Manor went beyond the call of duty.


“The therapists were the family members to our residents that weren’t able to see their own families.  It was a lot for our residents to be confined in their rooms and then to be sick on top of that.  Therapy Center did wonderful things like make encouraging signs during therapy to put in the sick residents’ rooms to cheer them up.  They truly went above and beyond.”


“Our Therapy team at Amelia Manor did a phenomenal job of showing compassion, expertise, and leadership during the COVID crisis.  They championed being involved with COVID cases from day one and always placed the needs of the patients above their own concerns and fears.  The nursing staff at Amelia welcomed the support and teamwork which ensured that every patient was given the care that they needed.   While I am certain that many families worried from home, I hope they can see in hindsight that when you are in the hands of Amelia Manor and The Therapy Center we are family.  I could not be more proud of our team,” says Rachel Manuel, MS, CCC-SLP Regional Director.


Alone we are usually good, but together we can be great.  Our therapy teams throughout nursing homes around the state have shown exemplary care and leadership.  This is just one story of our heroes at Amelia Manor.

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