Healthcare Heroes: Maison Teche Nursing Home

“When we opened our COVID unit we had 44 plus cases.  Therapy Center was eager to get in there and provide therapy to sick residents so they wouldn’t decline.  They knew they would be dedicated to that unit, which was a big commitment and sacrifice for those therapists and their own families at home,” says Haley, administrator at Maison Teche Nursing Center.


Unfortunately, many of Therapy Center’s skilled nursing partners were already in the midst of COVID outbreaks. This gave us the knowledge and ablility to offer any guidance that might assist with a positive outcome.


“Our company has been longtime partners and friends of Maison Teche, so when the outbreak struck the communication was seamless.  Immediately our therapists met with the facility’s nursing and administration staff as they organized, developed a plan, and executed that plan smoothly,” says Lauren MOT/LOTR at Therapy Center.


The full time therapy staff at the facility knew the residents’ baseline and were able to pay attention and quickly identify changes in behavior. Not surprisingly and without hesitation our therapists volunteered to treat COVID positive residents because they were very aware of the negative impact it could potentially have.


“For them to jump on board and volunteer to treat on the COVID wing, it meant that they sacrificed being able to see their loved ones…all so they would give our residents the care they needed.  That’s what means the most to me.  You hear ‘healthcare hero’ but don’t actually know what it means until you see the sacrifice first hand,” says Haley.


All of the COVID positive residents received therapy because keeping them moving was an integral piece in keeping them healthy. Lying in bed for weeks on end would only mean weaker residents.  While treating patients who were ill, our therapists pushed hydration with Pedialyte and Gatorade.  They also helped connect residents to family members by Facetime visits. Some of their therapy practices included taking pictures to send to their family who couldn’t see them so they didn’t feel so shut out from the world.


“Our therapists were able to turn a very scary situation into something calm and familiar for our residents of Maison Teche, easing the minds of families and staff.  I am extremely proud of the willingness to endure and heroism of these ladies,” says Lauren.


“I really appreciate the therapists being a part of our team when we needed it the most.  Even Therapy Center’s administrative staff was so helpful.  They would check in daily, telling me ‘whatever you need for us to do in your home to help you through this time, we will do it.’  I just appreciate them so much,” says Haley.


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