Success Story: Therapy Center of Lafayette

Ms. Gloria tore her achilles tendon while playing tennis and ended up in physical therapy at Therapy Center of Lafayette.

“Before her injury, Ms. Gloria was playing recreational tennis, running, and working out with friends.  Her goals were to return to recreational activity without limitations,” says Scott, physical therapist at Therapy Center of Lafayette.

“When I first began therapy I couldn’t walk straight without crutches or my boot,” says Gloria.

Ms. Gloria was apprehensive to begin physical activity and exercises without the use of her walking boot, but once she built up her confidence she improved immediately.

“Once healing occurred, we utilized lateral mobility drills, agility drills, and dynamic balance activities to prepare for her return to tennis,” says Scott.

Scott knew Ms. Gloria wanted to get back on the court.  He personalized her therapy by incorporating her racket and a tennis ball at the clinic.  They worked on various reaction drills, directional drills and balance activities to take a more sports specific approach.

“She was very eager to restore strength and mobility.  Ms. Gloria was consistently pleasant to work with and always worked extra hard,” recalled Scott.

“I am now able to walk without a limp and without pain.  My experience with Therapy Center staff was awesome!  I can hardly put it into words,” says Ms. Gloria.

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