Q2 2020 Helping Hands

It’s no secret that Therapy Center has the BEST team of professionals in the business! We know that it’s our wonderful group of dedicated, hard-working team members who make us who we are. We want to take time each quarter to recognize just a few of our many awesome team members who consistently go above and beyond their job duties and set an example of leadership and team work for us all.

Anna P., OT graciously works EVERYWHERE for TTC. She was consistently in one of our outpatient clinics over the last quarter assisting in a planned leave. Within days, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and Anna picked up all of her outpatient and home health visits without a hitch. In addition over the last quarter, Anna assisted in another outpatient clinic 2 days a week during the same time,  picked up Friday shifts for acute and yet one other of our outpatient clinics. You will never hear Anna complain. She is dependable and most importantly helps as many as she can along the way. We are lucky to have Anna’s dedication and loyalty and we appreciate her more than she could ever know!

Lindsay T., PT is the Telehealth supervision expert. She has covered supervision on site and remotely at two facilities consistently and has assisted with a multitude of other homes in the process. She is professional and knowledgeable in dealing with unfamiliar patients and staff. Lindsay is always willing to anything asked of her and has to handle challenging and uncharted situations due to the COVID pandemic in the last few months. We appreciate her patience as we learned together.  Thank you for all you do!



Heather F., PT is the lead PT on one of our hospital campus teams handling acute and outpatient. She is always eager to help on Inpatient Rehab or Acute as well. Heather is knowledgeable, analytical, and thorough. She is compassionate with all patients, especially those critically ill. She has been an asset in on-boarding new teammates campus. Heather took lead on EMR training and does an excellent job of problem solving documentation issues. We are proud to have her on our team.

Drew V., PTA is one of the most dedicated team members we have the pleasure of calling a co-worker. He always goes above and beyond to see that our patients get the quality care that they deserve. With the COVID-19 pandemic, he has graciously shifted to work weeks on end, helping at a nursing home facility, due to their policies for COVID-19. He also gladly accepted numerous visits to cover for a co-worker who had to be out for unforeseen circumstances. He doesn’t complain, but pushes forward to see that all tasks are complete. In addition to his normal caseload, Drew covers hospital visits daily without question. Every facility has its own procedures for COVID-19 and we are pretty sure that he can explain them all to you without hesitation. Drew has 17 plus years with experience with TTC and that in itself is testament to him and his character. Agencies will often request Drew as the PTA of choice when sending referrals. You can ask any patient or co-worker that he has ever seen what they think of Drew and they will smile and respond with some of the best comments. THANK YOU for all that you do for Therapy Center and our patients


Dantia T., Therapy Tech is a valuable asset to the teams at our nursing home facilities and Therapy Center as a whole. As the COVID situation evolves, she has been essential to the well-being of our teams. Not only has she kept up with documentation for 2 facilities, but also assisting with communication between staff and therapy, coming up with creative ways to assure we have cleaning supplies for materials and ourselves, assisting with treatment, assuring we have what we need (to include lunch) and still jokes around to help with morale. She is a dependable and loyal employee and we appreciate all that she does for our team.



Kimberly W, AKA “Pumpkin”, Regional Coordinator is a valuable resource in tracking information, planning, and organizing. She has taken the lead on the documentation retention project and audits for a variety of areas. She juggles the Regional Coordinator and tech responsibilities for two nursing home facilities. Pumpkin is always willing to help in any facility in any way that she can. She is a true asset for the Therapy Center.

Kristen Kramer, PTA has been flexible and well received in a variety of settings. She is easy going and adapts well to new facilities. She has been integral in keeping our teams running smoothly, especially over the last quarter in a variety of settings including skilled nursing, inpatient rehab, and outpatient. Her dedication to our teams and patients does not go unnoticed! Thank you for all you do!

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