Therapy Center Student News: Joanne Doan, PTA Student

Joanne Doan is currently studying the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge. Joanne is completing a student rotation with the Therapy Center team at River Oaks Retirement Manor in Lafayette, Louisiana and told us a little bit about herself and what she has learned during her rotation.

Why did you choose the field you are studying in?
The reason I chose physical therapy is because of my brother. He was in a motor vehicle accident 4 years ago that lead to him having a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for many months and when he woke up, he had to start from scratch. He couldn’t walk, eat, talk or even remember who we were. Through his many months of recovering, the one main thing I recall the most is when he took his first step in the hospital. My family and I were all in tears because it was such a big accomplishment for him. Because of that day, I decided to go to school for physical therapy. I want to be able to give someone that feeling that I experienced and be able to help others achieve their fullest potential.

What is the biggest thing that you learned while on rotation with the Therapy Center?
I learned that teamwork plays a big role. Not just between physical therapy, but with all of the health care members, such as the speech therapist, occupational therapist/assistant, physical therapy technician and the nurses. By working all together, so much gets achieved which in return helps the patients’ progress towards their goals.

Favorite part of working with Therapy Center staff?
I love working with the Therapy Center staff at River Oaks Retirement Manor because they are so friendly, funny and helpful! These past weeks have flown by so quickly because I got along so great with all the workers here. If I had any questions, they would do their best to help me. They made me feel as part of their group and would always try to include me in everything, even lunch! They didn’t make me feel at all an outcast or a student who didn’t know any better. Even though they are the silliest people you may meet, they are the best therapists I’ve ever met.

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