A Story of Courage & Determination

Article written by Gisele Menard, PTA with the Therapy Center

Our strength will continue if we allow ourselves to feel scared, weak, and vulnerable-Melody Beattie

Lovenia Abshire’s story is one of courage and determination. When illness struck this winter, she found herself hospitalized for an extended period of time. When she returned home, she was very weak, bedbound, and had every reason to give up. But she was nearing her 92nd birthday, and family members were determined not to let her continue to decline physically. Mrs. Abshire’s daughters set up an around the clock schedule to care for her, teaming with physical therapy to receive training in bed mobility and transfers to sitting bedside.

In just two weeks, she has made miraculous progress. She is now transferring to her wheelchair and is able to walk short distances with minimal assistance from family and therapists. The Abshire family is a wonderful example of what can happen when a team approach to recovery is made. As home health therapists, Amy Deloach and I feel that every patient should be given the encouragement and support to get stronger, even in the later years of life.

Mrs. Abshire is so excited to begin each day, ready to show off her new skills to anyone who comes to visit; she is not ready to give up trying. She is looking forward to the spring time and is determined she will be able to walk outside and enjoy her plants and flowers once again.

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