Preparing Patients for the Return to Home

Embracing Our Role as a Stepping Stone from Hospital to Home

It is vital, in the face of ongoing healthcare reform and cuts to Medicare and Medicaid funding, that Skilled Nursing Facilities clearly define their place in the continuum of care in local communities.

Increased scrutiny on length of stay for acute hospitalizations and rehab placements has forced early discharge on patients with a variety of medical events. When faced with discharge options, families and caregivers often opt for discharge to home with home health or outpatient services, even though reduced mobility, frequency of treatment, and convenience all pose risk to returning to prior level of function.

Why would a family member choose an option that will likely not produce the best possible outcome for their loved one? Simple: fear.

There is a long-standing and commonly-held perception that nursing homes are only for long-term and low-function with little to no promise of returning home. This could not be further from the truth and Therapy Center is committed to providing the education and services to change that image.

– All of the homes that Therapy Center partners with benefit from full-time Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists with specialized training in geriatric medical issues. Our therapists are available 5 days-a-week and as needed on the other 2 days, to provide the necessary intensity of therapy to allow for functional return to home.

– Therapy Center’s marketing team works tirelessly to communicate with and help educate discharge planners, physicians, families, and patients on the importance of intense treatment in the early aftermath of illness or injury and the vital role that nursing home facilities play in the patient’s continuum of care.

– We work closely with in-patient rehabs, home health agencies, and health care providers to guarantee that patients are given every possible opportunity for independent or aided living in their own homes with length of stay varying from one week to a full 100 days of skilled care, depending on diagnosis and progress. Short-stay residents frequently return for visits and if their skilled nursing experience is a successful one, there is no better way to get the word out to the local community than through the words of a former patient!

Let the Therapy Center team assist your facility in establishing its place in the continuum of care and provide the therapy required to utilize short-term Part A stays. Your patients will benefit — and your revenue will too!

kristi-fredieuKristi Fredieu
Business Development & Marketing Manager

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