Are Administration and Therapy on the Same Team?

2012 regulations have brought about changes to standard assessment reference windows, coupled with new changes regarding requirements for End of Therapy OMRA’s, making communication between administration and therapy essential to ensuring the best possible RUG date is selected for maximal reimbursement. Add to this the creation of Change of Therapy assessments by CMS, and the potential for Medicare Coordinator exodus has increased exponentially.

Therapy Center is always available – not only to provide the best quality care to our patients but also to provide valuable guidance on RUG planning to our partner facilities. Our Compliance Director maintains open communication with MDS Coordinators to ensure that the best decisions are made in those tricky cases where a variety of options are possible. Administrators should arm themselves with information regarding the number of extra assessments being done and the potential financial impact of those assessments on their facility.

Everyone knows the challenge of finding and keeping a good MDS nurse. Is your therapy provider working with you to make sure that additional work is not being added to your MDS nurse’s role due to under-staffing, poor planning, or mismanagement on the part of your therapy department?


Let the Therapy Center team assist your facility in establishing its place in the continuum of care and provide the therapy required to utilize short-term Part A stays. Your patients will benefit — and your revenue will too!

kristi-fredieuKristi Fredieu
Business Development & Marketing Manager

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