Whispering Pines Community Care Center Success Story: Bobby

Mr. Bobby  was admitted to Whispering Pines Community Care Center for physical and occupational therapy after suffering a left hip fracture and bipolar hip replacement. He began his journey with our therapy team in December and was discharged home after weeks of intense physical and occupational therapy.

When asked what it was like for him when he first starting therapy he responded, “Very frustrating! I was very sick. But it was nice to know people cared about me enough to help me through this bad situation,” Bobby Morgan.

When Mr. Morgan came to Whispering Pines he required assistance for all activities of daily living and transfers and could only stand for short periods of time. He was very weak and had poor endurance.

“As we began to work on hip strengthening, walking further distances, transfers, and daily activities, his confidence in his ability improved steadily. Not only did Mr. Bobby work, he and his wife also have a home business. This level of physical activity at home and work required intensive therapy intervention,” says Lisa, physical therapist.

He is now back at home with his wife and will be returning to his job where he has worked for over 30 years.

“Therapy changed my whole life. It made me appreciate things and people more than I ever have before,” says Mr. Morgan.

“Mr. Bobby welcomed the challenge in therapy.  When we get a motivated patient like Mr. Bobby the sky is the limit. We are so happy for him to be able to return to home and work. His happiness and success is why we come to work every day,” says Lisa.

His advice for others just starting therapy is, “Do everything you can. Do your best. Don’t complain.”

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