Success Story: Edna Luck

After several brief hospitalizations, Edna Luck arrived to our partner facility, Lakeview Manor Nursing Home, experiencing extreme pain in her left leg due to shingles. The pain became so severe that she could not stand or walk on her own. In addition to losing physical strength, Edna’s cognitive function declined. She would need rehabilitation to regain her independence.

Edna’s goal was always to return home to live with her husband so Therapy Center’s team of therapists worked to develop a rehabilitation plan that would help her do just that. Therapy Center utilized speech therapy to address Edna’s memory deficits and to improve her reasoning skills. Occupational therapy improved her ability to complete daily activities like dressing, household chores and personal hygiene. Finally, physical therapy focused on strengthening Edna’s posture, body control and walking, which allowed her to better complete everyday tasks.

Edna has since returned home with her husband and is now independent, with the assistance of a walker. Watch her story about her journey back home!

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