Success Story: Carolyn Delahoussaye

Our philosophy is to treat each patient who is on the road to recovery as though they are family. Therapy Center prides itself on getting patients back to the lives they love which is why our success stories are the best part of what we do!

cd blog picWalking 3 miles a day, making her own grocery shopping trips and volunteering to play the piano weekly at Jeff Davis Living Center (JDLC) were all ways Ms. Carolyn Delahoussaye lived a very independent and active lifestyle. After years of being untroubled and carefree, she was starting to notice consistent aches and pains in her left knee indicating that her injection shots were no longer helping. Ms. Carolyn and her physician decided it was time to have knee replacement surgery on August 7, 2009. Following her surgery, Ms. Carolyn made her first visit to JDLC as a resident. Upon completion of 20 days of post-joint replacement rehab, which included physical and occupational therapy with the Therapy Center team at JDLC, she began to regain her strength and independence. Once she was discharged, she continued outpatient therapy at the Therapy Center clinic in Jennings until she made a full recovery.

“I was finally able to walk every step to the top of the Sulphur football stadium again… pain free.”

Second Journey to Recovery

Seven years later, Ms. Delahoussaye began to feel the same aches and pains, but in her right knee. This time, it was affecting her long-time joy and hobby of piano playing. Not only did the pain reach an unbearable point, but her knee would pop every time she sat down at the piano. It was then that she knew it was time to schedule another knee replacement surgery. On May 24, 2016, she was admitted for the second time into JDLC for a short-term rehab stay. After 18 days of physical and occupational therapy rehab, Ms. Carolyn was already on track to making her second full recovery.

“I honestly don’t know how people recover without proper therapy. I live by myself and I want to continue to be able to care for myself as long as I can.”

Carolyn chose JDLC because of her personal observations of the care that was provided in the facility. After playing the piano there for many years and visiting her mother who was a resident, she knew that was the only place she wanted to be treated after surgery. Only 2 months post-surgery, she can already tell she is on track to feeling better than before.

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