PT Student Spotlight: Wesley Nelson

Therapy Center prides itself on education throughout the company, which is why our student rotations are so important.  Wesley Nelson is a PT student at the University of St. Augustine in Austin, Tx.  He is originally from Opelousas and currently completing his rotation at our outpatient clinic in Mansura, Lemoine Therapy Services.

Wesley chose physical therapy because it allows him to be hands on with patients while making an impact on their lives.  Luckily, he was able to meet Ms. Louella Lemoine, or “Ms. Lou,” while on his rotation with us.

Ms. Lou suffered from vascular issues for years with constant blood clots, so as a last resort she underwent an amputation of her lower right leg.  The surgery was performed in January and after the wound healed, she was given a temporary prosthetic to start physical therapy.  After three short weeks, Ms. Lou is already walking with a cane.

“It is so amazing watching someone develop and basically learn how to walk again.  It’s something I can’t really put into words especially not having gone through it myself,” says Wes.

Wes picked Ms. Lou as his case study for PT school, and they have since formed a special bond.

“I thoroughly enjoyed him!  We hit it off right off the bat.  His determination showed, and it gave me the determination I needed to start walking again.  He was so great,” says Ms. Lou.

“It’s been so great noticing her progress day after day.  She has such a positive attitude and it makes all the difference.  She is always so happy so it makes everything easier.”

Wes says the biggest thing he has learned while on rotation with Therapy Center is that simply listening to what patients have to say can help them get better.  When asked about his favorite part of working with our staff, “crying from laughter almost everyday.”


Check out Wesley’s PT Student Spotlight below:

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