Life is Always Worth Living

Article was written by Gisele Menard, PTA for Therapy Center. (Gisele is pictured left with Mary Thibodeaux)

Mary Thibodeaux has been my home health patient off and on for over three years. Because her age is a factor, Mary is not eligible for joint replacement and she needs assistance from physical therapy. As part of her home exercise program, Mary has learned to stretch her hamstrings daily for relief from pain. At first, she could only reach halfway between her knees and ankles, but now Mary can reach her toes on both sides! At age 100, she is so proud of her accomplishments and the relief from chronic pain she receives from stretching.

I had the pleasure of celebrating Mary’s 100th birthday with her on April 13, 2011 in Egan. What a precious lady! My co-worker, Amy Deloach (PT), and I feel so honored to serve this wonderful woman who inspires us in so many ways. Most of all, Mary’s tremendous faith that life, even in the midst of pain, is always worth living.

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