Landing a Great Job Volume #3: Decide What’s Most Important to You

You’ve followed the steps: Apply, Inquire, and Repeat! Click HERE for a quick review. Now you’ve got even more to do for the next part of your job search: consider what is most important to you in a new job. In the therapy industry, here are a few things that should be considered: money, flexibility, environment, benefits, and opportunity for advancement. Ranking these factors as they pertain to your lifestyle may be a helpful tool to ensure that you land a great job that will make you happy for years to come.

Money. Money is great, sure, but we’ve all heard the old phrase, Money cannot buy happiness. The job offer that sounds the best to you might come with the highest salary, but could it also come with a hidden, hefty price tag? If it meant more money, would you be willing to make sacrifices such as working all day, late nights, and every weekend? Are you willing to drive miles and miles every day relentlessly just to ensure that golden salary? Some salaries offered in the initial stages actually are too good to be true. Those salaries can only be obtained if you get the exact number of visits or hours that are needed every day of each week of the year to ensure that big figure that you were promised. Is it possible? Yes… well maybe, if all the stars align. But know that there will be days when obstacles beyond your control get in the way, making it very difficult to achieve that golden salary. Perhaps a better fit for you would be to consider a position with a little more flexibility, maybe a true salaried position, or if you’ve got other major commitments in your life, maybe even something part time, or PRN.

Flexibility. Are you a creature of habit? Are you able to leave your house each day at 7:05 am faithfully with nothing stopping you? More power to you! Some folks have kids, pets, dependents, or other factors in their lives which require a little flexibility in a job. Make sure to consider this when thinking of a potential position. If you aren’t able to make a commitment to a position that will not allow some flexibility, be sure to remember this and weigh your options before over committing yourself.

Team Environment. Do you work best alone or in a group environment? This is helpful to know when asking your potential employer about your day-to-day routine. Will you be treating in a room with other therapists, or will you be a lone ranger? Will you be on the road treating patients independently? No matter what environment, make sure you will have access to somebody who you can call with questions or problems when the need arises.

Benefits. How important is health insurance to you? You may have a parent or spouse who covers you on their health insurance plan, so it’s not the most important factor in your job decision making.  Perhaps you’re a planner and you really like to save money, invest, and plan for your retirement. How great is your potential employer’s retirement plan? Maybe you’re a female trying to start a family, you know you’d like to have kids and you need a short term disability plan; is this something that is available to you? Think of all of these things and give them some good consideration as they may make your decision a little clearer.

Ability to advance. You’ve spent most of your time studying and observing others in your profession because you know this is what you were meant to do. You’re good at it and you have certain qualities that you want to share with the world. Maybe management and mentoring is the area for you! Does your potential employer offer opportunities for advancement? If this is a goal of yours, make sure you understand the management structure and the opportunities that may or may not be extended to you. If you’re the type of person who is looking for growth opportunities, don’t get stuck in a position that will not allow you to prosper.

The items listed above are just a few of the things that you should consider before deciding on your top pick of employers. The important thing to remember is to take your time and think things through. Make a list of pros & cons and give each some time and thought. Use the ranking system to see how various employers compare to one another. Don’t make a decision that causes you to sacrifice something that is really important; there are lots of jobs out there and you can find something that suits your ideals and makes you happy.

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