Tips from a Recruiter on How to Work with a Recruiter

Job hunting can be frustrating for some.  The job market is not always great, employment agencies are not always reliable, and sending your resume out into the interwebs does not always lead to a promising career.  Many companies rely on a recruiter to fill their open positions.  That is where I come in.  It is my job to find qualified candidates to fill open positions within our company, move them through the interview process, and (hopefully) get them hired.  I know, for some job seekers, there may be a level of confusion as to how this process works.  I’m here to give you some advice on how to make working with a recruiter as effective as possible.5-Best-Questions-to-Answer-Before-You-Start-Recruiting-Employees


Improve your profiles

We live in a social media world now.  I rely heavily on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to find qualified candidates for our company.  I like to use these networking websites to identify applicants based on their backgrounds.  LinkedIn in particular is great for recruiters to get a good idea of where you have worked in the past as well as what professional qualifications you may possess.  With that being said, I suggest updating your LinkedIn profile with your proficient skills, any foreign languages your may speak and any specific expertise you have in a specific field.  This will ensure that you can be found with certain keyword searches.  I’d also advise you to set your privacy settings to allow the public to view your profile and be sure you are set up to receive Inmail.  As far as your FaceBook profile goes, it’s best to keep it clean and professional.  Yes!  We look at it.



We know you are likely not sitting by the phone waiting for us to call and that you are not likely to answer a phone number that you do not recognize.  However, you should get back to your recruiter in a timely manner.  We are searching for the most qualified candidates.  We want someone reliable and professional.  If I were to reach out via phone or email 2-3 times with no response I will move on to a candidate who shows more interest in the position.  In the same breath, I do not suggest you contact a recruiter several times a day or attempt to contact several other people in the company.  That may make you come off as more desperate than driven, and that is not a good thing!


Honesty and Trust

Let your recruiter know what type of position you are interested in.  If I pitch a possible position to you and it is not exactly what you are looking for..tell me.  I appreciate a candidate who is upfront with me about what it is he/she is looking for, it will prompt me to keep you in mind for any future openings we may have.

Trust me during this process.  One of the toughest parts of my job is letting someone know that they were not picked for the position.  I am much more likely to consider you for a position in the future when you accept this news gracefully.  I am working to make this a win-win situation for you and for our company.  I want to place you in a position where you will shine.  If one particular opening is not the right fit for you, it’s possibly because there is a better one in our future.   Respecting the process in a professional manner and trusting your recruiter will go a long way!


Use the Recruiter as a Resource

Pick my brain!  That’s what I’m here for.  Whether or not the perfect career opportunity for you is right in front of us at any particular moment—I’m here for you.  Use this opportunity to allow me to provide you with any valuable information I may have.  Interview advice, resume advice, questions regarding our company or the profession in general are all things your recruiter should be educated on.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Interested in working with a recruiter?  Check out our job opportunities and contact me if you are interested in learning more about our company.

Kayla Stansbury

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