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Amelia Manor’s Cheese and Tomato Grilled Sandwiches Recipe

by: Barbara Miller

(Amelia Manor patient who plans to return home Independently upon completion of therapy)

Ms. Barbara lead our group and is pictured below with Judy Duplechien, COTA and her physician and Medical Director of Amelia Manor, Dr. Kothapolli (whom is very impressed with her progress).

I. Supplies:

– Paper plates
– Plastic knives
– 1 sharp knife (for cutting tomatoes)
– Spreadable Margarine
– Wrapped cheese
– Tomatoes
– Toaster oven
– Paper towels
– Bread

II.  Preparations:

– Distribute plates, napkins, and plastic knives
– Give each patient a slice of bread
– Give each patient a slice of cheese to unwrap
– Have a few higher level patients slice tomatoes with a sharp knife
– Have each patient reach for a slice of tomato to add to their plate
– Heat toaster oven to 400 degrees (or toast setting)
– When time to bring sandwiches to toaster oven, have ambulatory patients bring them to their destination.
– Have any patient that can stand to perform the task, or portions of the task, complete activities in standing position

III. Directions:

– Spread margarine on top of bread with a plastic knife
– Place unwrapped slice of cheese atop buttered bread
– Top cheese with a slice of tomato
– Place bread directly on wire rack of toaster oven
– Enjoy hot, open face, grilled cheese and tomato sandwich!

IV. Skills Addressed Through this Activity:

A.  Occupational Therapy:
– Bilateral Integration
– Visual perception
– Eye-hand coordination
– UE strengthening
– Self-feeding
– Functional Grasp
– Meal prep if patient plans to return home

B. Physical Therapy:
– Standing tolerance
– Gait training
– Core strengthening with reaching
– Negotiating obstacles during gait

C.  Speech Therapy:
– Sequencing
– Following commands
– Naming
– solving
– Safety awareness
– Decision making
– Providing descriptions
– Swallowing (compensatory strategies and safe swallow precautions)

Please check back as we post more recipe’s and list the skills addressed when conducting cooking groups in our partner facilities.


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