Speech Therapist Spotlight: Linda Roy

Join us as we highlight our longest-tenured Speech therapists:

Name: Linda Roy

Where is your hometown? Marksville, LA

School/University you received your degree(s): LSU at Baton Rouge  (BS) and USL (University of Southwestern Louisiana)  Lafayette (MS)…this was before they change the name to ULL

Year you started working with Therapy Center:  2004

Areas you work/Main job responsibilities: Speech Therapist in Hessmer Nursing Home and work at Lemoine Therapy Outpatient Clinic as needed.

Certifications: DPNS

Why did you choose the field you work in? I chose this field because I wanted to work with children but knew that I did not want to be tied to a class room setting.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Working with a client who has been unable to eat and is now able to eat without relying on PEG tube feedings.  Also, having family members saying that they can now understand what  their loved ones  are saying.

Favorite part of working at Therapy Center? The people that I work with.   Most of them are the same age as my own girls, yet they treat me like one of them.  They keep me feeling young.

Hobbies/other areas of interest: Reading  and cooking

Anything interesting about yourself that you want others to know: I have to wonderful daughters, Alexis and Leslie and 2 beautiful granddaughters who are the love of my life,  Ainsley and Abigail.


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