Why is Therapy Compliance So Important?

Does your therapy company provide you with a full-scale therapy compliance program, complete with outcome measures?

If you contract with Therapy Center, the answer is Yes! So, why is therapy compliance so important?

In 2010, over 90% of the SNF claims filed with Medicare involved therapy. Faced with ever-increasing scrutiny from federal, state, and private auditing agencies, your reimbursement has never been more at risk than it is today. The quality of your therapy documentation is a target – both from proprietary data mining as well as complex medical review.

Remember, RAC auditors can go back 3 years to audit claims and your local MAC 4 years. It is critical that your therapy provider is proactive and does its part to ensure that therapy documentation not only meets, but exceeds regulatory standards.

Maximizing profitability while competing for patients and dwindling Medicare dollars is a challenge faced by all SNF’s. Staying ahead of trends through research and education as well as providing constant monitoring of therapy practies and documentation is the foundation of Therapy Center’s compliance program. Staff, not only therapists but nursing, CNA’s and administration receive real-time consultation to changes in our industry. Together we develop facility-specific strategies to adapt to change before it occurs. Our therapists receive multiple comprehensive internal audits each year. Established criteria is measured and scored and each therapist receives feedback on how to improve documentation to better weather audits.   Our goal is to always improve, always move forward.

Therapy Center recently underwent a mock RAC audit in one of its contracted facilities and scored 100% ensuring “therapy documentation supported services provided.”


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