Using Technology to Help Our Patients

The therapy world has greatly benefited from the advancements in technology. In particular, our therapy team at The Road Home Therapy Center  in Church Point has found the use of iPads to be a vital resource in their rehabilitation program. One great example is a recent return to home patient, Mr. Floyd Dorsey.

Mr. Floyd was admitted to The Road Home Therapy Center after being hospitalized due to dehydration. He experienced overall physical and cognitive declines after his hospital stay. Mr. Floyd’s team of therapists used a multi-disciplinary approach by using the iPad while he was placed in a standing frame (as pictured above).

Physical Therapy

“He has been non-ambulatory for some years; therefore, the standing frame was vital in providing long term weight bearing to maintain bone density and proper internal organ function.  The standing frame also allowed for improvements in posture and not only prevents lower extremity contractures, but also muscle atrophy. When these issues are addressed, it allows for maintenance of functional mobility and ability to transfer,” Brooke, PT.

Speech Therapy

“The iPad helped in memory recall through an intervention known as spaced retrieval therapy. We worked with him on daily scheduling and calendar management tasks, problem solving, complex sequencing, and functional reading,” says Corrie, SLP.

Occupational Therapy

“The iPad helped us to facilitate cause and effect skills, upper-extremity coordination, fine motor skills, visual-perceptual skills and sequencing in a manner that provided the right challenge to Mr. Floyd,” Rebecca, OT.
Mr. Floyd’s success story is just one example of how we strive to use technology and evidence based practice to aid in the recovery of our patients. The beauty of technology, for us at Therapy Center, is that we use it to create patient specific treatment plans—in turn giving each patient our absolute best quality of care.

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