Trip to Wal-Mart Aids in Independence & Therapy

A therapy field trip with Rio Sol patients was scheduled for Walmart on 4/4/12. During this shopping trip, the following activities were completed which helped to achieve the therapists goals as well as to aid in the patients gain independence:

  • Therapy began with transporting patients in/out of the vans.
  • The patients had a shopping list and had to follow and problem solve on what we needed to make a garden in pots.
  • Patients worked on scanning the environment for items on our list.
  • Patients assisted with picking out plants and then we took the ladies down the makeup isle for them to browse and the men went to look for a kits to make motorcycles and vehicles.
  • Patients assisted with our purchases for check out.

Everyone had a great time, but most importantly the patients enjoyed their trip to Wal-Mart.  Physical Therapy worked on transfers and ambulation while shopping, and Speech Therapy worked on problem solving and sequencing for shopping.  Occupational Therapy worked on socialization and play/leisure exploration and performance for improving their psychosocial and psychological skills while also addressing safety on our trip.

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Staff present on the trip included:  Alayna Brewer, PT and Jennifer Nuce, PT student, Amber LaPrairie, OT, Clintin Spencer Wallace, COTA, Elise Kelone, OT student, Brooke Normand, ST, Stacy Bordelon, Tech and Althea Benjamin, Tech.  Mrs. Cynthia (social worker); Megan (ward clerk); and Kim (activity director)

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