Therapy Tech Spotlight: Monique Lawless

Join us as we highlight our longest-tenured therapy techs during therapy tech month:

Monique Lawless, originally from Welsh, LA began working with Therapy Center in 2003 as a massage therapist and therapy tech. Monique attended Welsh High School and the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy. She chose this field of work because she truly enjoys helping patients feel better by reducing their pain. Monique says that the patients she has worked with are very grateful and express to her how much she has made them feel better, which is the most rewarding part of her job! Her favorite part about working for the Therapy Center is “that we are one big, happy family!”

All of Monique’s co-workers agree that she has been a great team player and always has a smile on her face! Her positive attitude is always recognized by those around her and Therapy Center is grateful to have her on our team!

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