Therapy Center’s Effect: SNF Contract Acquisition

rachel-manuelAs a speech therapist, recruiter, and advocate of the Therapy Center, it is often times difficult to explain to skilled nursing facility owners and administrators how we differ from our competitors.  The most common feedback I hear from administrators is that “it’s all about rates”.  While rates are certainly important, the bottom line can be increased by partnering with the right therapy provider, as a business partner. Improving the consistency of full time therapy staff and empowering that staff with education on compliance and geriatric treatment strategies insure that results are delivered. 

I was reminded of the impact Therapy Center can have on a facility in a recent contract acquisition.  Our competitor was able to supply only 2 full time employees with the remainder of their staff consisting of a montage of part-time therapists and after-hours PRN.  Sound familiar? (You might want to take this quiz to see if you should be receiving better care from your current provider.) Given a 30 day notice, we were able to provide 6 full time employees, including 2 therapists who have worked with the Therapy Center prior to this acquisition. Our mentoring therapists gave the new team of therapists insight into the education and training we provide to ALL staff.  The increased therapy presence of a PT, PTA, OT, COTA, ST, and therapy tech drew attention from residents who began requesting therapy from the first day we arrived in teh facility. Administration within the facility, as well as the facility Medical Director also noted the marked increase in therapy presence at the end of week one.  While Therapy Center had received reports from therapists previously in the facility that Part B numbers were exhausted, we found that less than 15% of available Part B funds had been utilized in the first 10 months of the year.  The caseload from one discipline increased from 5 patients to 22 patients in the first 2 weeks. A majority of patients came from the dietary manager and patients themselves, resulting in positive screens.

Like any change, the transition is not simple. New systems and protocols are required in regards to technology and internal communication.  I regularly hear administrators from nursing homes express that things are going ok in the therapy department.  For those who have not experienced the education, compliance assistance, and consistency of staff afforded by a GREAT therapy company, it may seem that “ok” is good enough.  The Therapy Center’s focus has never been on making the lowest bid.  As a therapist-owned and managed company, our foundation has always been about empowering therapists with quality training on SNF regulations and providing direction through a management team, which is comprised of therapists skilled specifically in geriatric care. These qualities have been key to providing a successful therapy program to our SNF customers. 

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