Therapy Center News: Student OT Spotlight on Tess Autin

Tess Autin is from Baton Rouge, LA and is currently studying at LSUHSC- New Orleans for a Master’s degree in occupational therapy. She recently completed a rotation with us at our partner skilled nursing facility, Maison Teche in Jeanerette, with mentor/OT Danielle Keyser.

Why did you choose the field you are studying in?

“I found occupational therapy as an undergrad through my experience in music therapy. I have always wanted to work in the therapeutic setting to provide services that pursued the highest quality of life possible in each individual. As soon as I learned about occupational therapy, I was hooked. I like that occupational therapists work in a variety of settings, and the scope of practice is focused on treating the whole person, and not just the specific problem or disability.”

What is the biggest thing that you learned while on rotation with us?

“I learned a lot about the recent changes in Medicare and how it affects healthcare professionals. That was extremely important to me, because I haven’t been exposed to it in any of my other fieldwork experiences. I now feel more informed on how to advocate for the importance of reimbursement for therapy services.”

What is your favorite part of working with the Therapy Center team? “Every team member I encountered was eager to include and educate me on everything he or she was doing. It is obvious that the employees love what they do and are passionate about quality patient care!”

What else you should know about Tess!

Tess has a huge passion for music. She sings, plays guitar, and plays piano. Tess also a chorister with the New Orleans Opera! She pursued music therapy as an undergrad and is now a board-certified music therapist. She hopes to utilize music-based interventions in future roles as an occupational therapist. Tess says she is almost equally as passionate for New Orleans Saints and LSU football!

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