Therapy Center Named as One of Acadiana’s “11 Great Places to Work”

Therapy Center has been named by Acadiana Profiles Magazine as One of Eleven Great Places to Work in the August/September issue. Below is a highlight from the article.

The Therapy Center, which provides therapy for clinics, hospitals, schools, home health and a number of skilled nursing facilities, is a young company founded by five Louisiana therapists in 2002. The company now employs 145 people and is growing fast.

Based in Jennings, the Therapy Center services most of South Louisiana, including the Therapy Center clinic in Jennings and Lemoine Therapy Services in Marksville. It provides therapy to nursing homes and hospitals in Lafayette, Opelousas, Mamou and Kinder and home health care across the region. Additionally, it provides an athletic training program to several Acadiana high schools.

Carly Person, marketing coordinator, has worked for the Therapy Center for five years. During that time, she’s had two children and, for a while, thought she might not be able to juggle the work-life balance. Rather than quitting, her manager suggested that she work from home two days a week to see if that would help.

For Person, it does.

It has been a blessing for me, she says. When I started, I didn’t have children. When I did, I wanted to stay home. This is the best of both worlds.

Person says the Therapy Center’s leadership is proactive: Instead of following what others are doing, we try to do innovative things. We’re a very cohesive group and try to keep everyone involved in what’s going on. Education is a big part of our company. That’s what helps us stay on the forefront of the industry.

The Therapy Center’s leaders attempt to address education for the whole person, and in an effort to do so, they offer all employees the opportunity to attend the first stage of Education for Living, or EFL, self-improvement and communication workshops.

The size of our company takes a lot of communication to be able to run it effectively, says Shannon Lemoine, physical therapist, owner and founder of the company. To me, there’s no better way to improve communication than EFL. To get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language is invaluable to me.

Approximately 45 percent of Therapy Center’s professional employees, including therapists, have completed the first stage of EFL training, and many of those employees have gone on to complete the training through the four stages.

That percentage of employees working on themselves and knowing how to take feedback both good and bad plus having more insight into how they ‘show up’ to other people makes a huge positive difference in our company’s culture, Lemoine says.

Person agrees. The more people understand themselves and how they relate to others, the better everyone works together, she says.

Beyond standard company benefits, the Therapy Center provides free memberships to health clubs for its employees.

We believe fitness and staying healthy is a big part of what we do, Person says.

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