Therapy can help increase your facility’s revenue.

Did you know that successfully managing your CMI can yield high value with little cost?

Did you also know that your therapy team can play a significant role in improving your facility’s bottom line if they are proactive and knowledgeable about how to effectively impact your CMI score?

At Therapy Center, it’s our business to make your rehab run better. We’re not just therapy providers, we’re business partners and we know how to help the facilities we work with improve their CMI scores and  watch their revenues grow.

Therapy Center stresses the importance of knowing every resident in our partner facilities, whether on caseload or not, by completing accurate, timely, and effective quarterly screenings. This screening process can not only help identify potential fall risks, weight loss concerns, contractures/positioning problems, and other declines impacting Quality Indicators, but it can also dramatically affect CMI scores.

In addition to screens, Therapy Center plays an active role in referral of patients, training of staff, and assisting in competency checks in relation to Restorative Nursing Programs. We know the importance of communication between our therapists and nursing home staff and we strive to consistently educate and train staff to facilitate accurate reporting and optimal quality of life for patients.

With a full-time, dedicated compliance department, Therapy Center is able to stay on top of the ever-changing laws and regulations that determine CMI, along with other standards for appropriate reimbursement. We assist staff in understanding these changes as they occur, decreasing stress and maximizing productivity by avoiding unnecessary paperwork.

Don’t let precious reimbursement dollars leave your facility. Contact Therapy Center and let us help you succeed in maximizing your CMI.

kristi-fredieuPlease feel free to contact me to discuss how Therapy Center can serve your business needs: Kristi Fredieu, Business Development & Marketing Manager,  337-384-9791 /

Therapy Center partners with nursing homes to provide high quality, cost-effective rehabilitation services. Our services are designed to provide our partner facilities with the highest outcomes of patient care, increased revenues, convenience, elimination of staffing problems and ease of compliance. Our goal is to provide the best rehabilitation care possible while maximizing financial reimbursements for our partner facilities.

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