Tech Month: TTC Super Techs!

Throughout the month of September Therapy Center would like to acknowledge the all the therapy techs who work with our therapy teams.  Our company is privileged and honored to have such dedicated staff working with our patients in all of our facilities.  Some of our fellow employees would like to recognize standout techs in Therapy Center!

Bayou Vista Community Care Center Tech:  Trisha Heindselman

“Although our tech is a newbie, she has been excellent. She has trisha-heindselman-techgone above and beyond the expectations, always willing and ready to assist bringing in/returning patients, helping with location of tx items, and assuring ALL therapeutic materials are sanitized. She visits with patients and employees and just makes the day more jovial overall. Trisha is willing and ready to learn everything she can, and is definitely on top of keeping us in line.  I thank this tech for all she does,” Crystal Berzas, SLP.


Old Jefferson Community Care Center Tech:  Marie Simmonsmarie-simmons-tech

“Marie works at Old Jefferson Community Care Center and she is always pleasant, friendly and willing to help with whatever is needed.  She is always dependable and reliable to get to work and to work hard.  Marie is loved by the residents as she is always kind to them.  Marie is a great positive person that is part of the wonderful OJ therapy team,” Amber LaPrairie, Mentor.


Tioga Community Care Center Tech:  Jessica Leach

jessica-leach-tech“Jessica works with our team at Tioga and she is always dependable and reliable to be at work to assist the therapists, tend to the residents, and to take care of her job requirements.  Jessica has always been very pleasant and is very accommodating to everyone’s needs.  Jessica is a great addition to the amazing Therapy Center team at Tioga,” Amber LaPrairie.




Riviere de Soleil Community Care Center Tech:  Sherrie Leubbesherrie-luebbe-tech

“I would like to acknowledge Sherrie Leubbe at Riviere.  She is just a pleasure to work with each day.  Her positive personality and friendly demeanor makes her one special tech.  Sherrie is very knowledgeable about patients and keeps the therapy team in line.  She is a very good communicator with nursing staff as well as therapy team.  She has gone above and beyond to learn new areas in the Therapy Center. She is an amazing employee and we appreciate her very much.  You Rock Sherrie,” Sadie Figueiredo, Mentor.


Oak Haven Community Care Center Tech:  Melissa Juneau

“I would also like to acknowledge Melissa Juneau at Oak Haven.  Melissa is an amazing asset melissa-juneau-techto the Therapy Center.  She is a pleasure to work with each day.  Melissa is definitely keeps her team in line.  She is an amazing communicator with the therapy team as well as all the nursing home staff.  She reaches out for assistance when needed.  Melissa is very helpful with transporting residents to and from therapy.  She keeps up with patient doctor appointments to make sure all patients are able to make it to therapy.  Melissa is just a great asset to the Therapy Team! I would be lost without her!! Thank you so much Melissa for all you hard work,” Sadie Figueiredo.

“Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and offers to help all therapists with gathering patients, organizing and cleaning therapy supplies, etc.  Essentially, she keeps everyone organized and in line and helps with communication between nursing staff and therapists.  She is truly a joy to work with as she visits with all patients and therapists providing a friendly environment for all.  It is truly a pleasure to work with her,” Crystal Berzas.


LaSalle Nursing Home Tech:  Melinda Wiley

melinda-wiley“We appreciate Lindy’s willingness of hard work, organization, and good attitude.  Lindy always has paperwork and the gym ready for the morning rush along with having the best attitude every day!  She communicates well between all staff within the facility, while going out of her way to help the therapy staff daily.  Thank you Lindy for all of your support and hard work!” – Therapy team at LaSalle Nursing Home.

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