Success Story: Ms. Joan B.

Ms. Joan arrived at Bayou Chateau Nursing Center following multiple hospitalizations.  These hospitalizations resulted in cognitive decline, generalized muscle weakness, and increased dependency on caregivers.

“When I got here I couldn’t walk or hardly do anything.  It was like I was in limbo,”  says Ms. Joan.

Although Ms. Joan had a long way to go, she had a goal of going home as soon as possible.

“The most challenging part was learning how to walk again, getting in and out of bed, and my memory.  The therapists never let me quit.  I enjoyed seeing them every day.  It’s the best therapy I’ve ever received.”

“When first coming in contact with Ms. Joan, she was extremely motivated and determined to work diligently to achieve all therapy goals.  She continued her exercises outside of therapy and recalled/implemented compensatory strategies throughout her day,” says Brittany F., Speech-Language Pathologist.

Though Ms. Joan faced some setbacks, as many patients do, she started to make progress almost immediately and due to her progress, was able to leave just after six short weeks.

“I contribute that to hard work from me and my therapists.  I drive now.  I come to town every day.  I play bingo with my friends and make it to all of my doctors’ appointments.  I’m pretty much back to normal,” says Ms. Joan.

“Her attitude and feeling of responsibility to overcome challenges in order to return home made all of the difference.  She was usually the first person in the rehab department every morning.  Overall, I had a feeling of pride after working with Ms. Joan.  She is a truly wonderful lady whose success story is inspiring to many,” says Brittany.

Ms. Joan’s message for those that are currently undergoing therapy treatments…

“Just stick with it and don’t give up.  Do what your therapists tell you to do, at least try.  If you can’t do it just keep trying, it will eventually come to you.  Some just might take more time than others.”

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