Lasalle Nursing Home Success Story: Mrs. Audrey Maxwell

Mrs. Audrey S. Maxwell landed at LaSalle Nursing Home for the second time following an elective total hip replacement surgery.  Mrs. Maxwell chose LaSalle Nursing Home as a short term recovery option in order to receive quality therapy before returning back home.

“My goal was to get back home.  I wanted to gain independence and be able to do all the things that I did prior because I’m very active and I drive a lot.  I just wasn’t ready to sit down and not do that anymore.”  – Mrs. Maxwell

“When she first came into the facility, Mrs. Audrey was in a wheelchair and unable to get up and around on her own.  She did need assistance to stand and for walking, but she was very motivated and ready to get going.  She said I’ve got twenty days and I’ve got to make it back home, so that was our goal.” – Beth Harris, PT

The Therapy Center team specialized treatments for Mrs. Maxwell’s hip and saw that she was able to advance fairly quickly.

“We knew she was going to be going outside, so we geared our treatment towards those higher level activities.  We used stair training with her, practicing on ramps, and we were able to advance her to do a little bit of walking without the walker. That was a huge goal of hers, and now she’s totally independent, walking around and doing great.”

In just three short weeks, Mrs. Maxwell was able to return home and is now walking and driving around unassisted, living the independent life she always wanted. 

“You need to be patient for one thing and you need to know that you must do what they ask of you because they know what they’re doing and they know what will make you better.  Even if it hurts, and it’s going to hurt, you need to just do it anyway. If you ever need to go into a rehabilitation unit please consider LaSalle because it’s just wonderful.  They make you feel better and it’s so much easier on your family.” 

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