Speech Therapist Spotlight: Dona Dietlein

Join us as we highlight our longest-tenured Speech therapists:

Where is your hometown? Opelousas, LA

School/University you received your degree(s): USL both BA and MS

Year you started working with Therapy Center: 2006

Areas you work/Main job responsibilities: Staff SLP at Maison Teche Nursing Center in Jeanerette, LA. Focusing on treatment of communication and swallowing improvement with adult and geriatric populations.

Certifications: Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation, Electrical Stimulation, Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, Tracheoesophageal Puncture Voice Prosthesis Placement, Beckman OM Treatment

Why did you choose the field you work in? A friend of mine  a little older than me went into the field of Speech and Hearing Science as it was referred to at one point, and while observing her in clinicals one day, I became intrigued with this Helping Profession. Speech Language Pathology has truly evolved into a fabulous field that is so very diversified for a myriad of populations and disorders from neonatals/pediatrics to geriatrics.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Oh My Word! What a difficult question!! Let’s see….With this current population, Geriatrics, I find Wisdom that is unmatched with any other treating population. My patients provide me with humility, laughter, encouragement, strength , a strong sense of morality and a hefty dose of humanity each day. While I know that I am helping them to improve function and quality of life, I am pretty sure that they have no idea how my life is elevated to a higher level just because of them.

Favorite part of working at Therapy Center? I just LOVE being able to dial a phone number to call another therapist and bounce ideas around for treatment. We at the Therapy Center,  have such a variety of treating professionals with various work histories, that, heck, we’re our own Storehouse of Knowledge. I also enjoy being able to develop a program, if desired, and then being able to implement that program.

Hobbies/other areas of interest: I am a runner, gardener, love to cook, and adore reading.


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