Safest 70 – Nine Years In A Row!

As a part of Therapy Center’s company-wide safety efforts, all of our facilities are encouraged to work as a team and seek preventative measures when presented with potentially harmful situations.

For the ninth consecutive year, Therapy Center has been has been presented a Safest 70 Award by the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation.

Established in 2008, the award honors LWCC policyholders who exemplify the company’s commitment to workplace safety. Therapy Center is proud to be recognized for fostering a culture of well-being in Louisiana’s workforce by establishing safe work environments. 

The award recognizes excellence, outstanding performance and commitment to workplace safety and is based on the effectiveness of safety efforts in preventing injuries and controlling costs.

“It is privilege to receive this award from LWCC for the ninth year in a row. At Therapy Center, we understand that through safety protocols, processes, and effective reporting we can come together as a team to provide a working environment that is best for our employees, company, customers, and industry,” stated Ashley Cooper, Director of Human Resources and Safety Coordinator.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) is a private, nonprofit mutual insurance company that is the largest workers’ compensation carrier in the state. Since 1992, LWCC has focused on the unique needs of Louisiana businesses and offers policyholders a full range of services under one roof.

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