Road Home Success Story: Mrs. Connie

Mrs. Connie, a native of Church Point, was a patient at The Road Home Therapy Center in 2017 and again in 2018 following 2 total knee replacements.

“I lost my husband a couple of months before my first knee replacement, so I requested to come here after my surgery for help with my recovery and rehab. He used to work here…my husband.” As she fought back the tears in her eyes she went on to say, “Ashley, my therapist, really comforted me when I was depressed. I remember she took me outside and sat with me for a long time while I cried. It’s a lot more than just physical therapy here. These people really care about you.”

Mrs. Connie wanted to return home as soon as possible. With an intense, all discipline therapy program, she was able to reach all of her goals. “I need to be able to take care of myself at home. I want to take care of my great grandson, and I want to be able to do my housework, yard work, and cooking and cleaning without pain.”

“I enjoyed doing the exercise. I was lucky that I knew I was getting to go home. Not everyone gets to do that,” Mrs. Connie went on to say. “After therapy, I feel more comfortable walking. It’s getting easier every day.”

Mrs. Connie’s advice for others that are currently undergoing therapy treatments—

“If you don’t have help at home—come here. They will take good care of you. I felt very comfortable here. It’s truly a wonderful place!”


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