Q2 2019 Helping Hands & Leadership Spotlight

It’s no secret that Therapy Center has the BEST team of professionals in the business! We know that it’s our wonderful group of dedicated, hard-working team members who make us who we are. We want to take time each quarter to recognize just a few of our many awesome team members who consistently go above and beyond their job duties and set an example of leadership and team work for us all.

Hunter C., PT – Hunter is a true team player covering 4 facilities and always being willing to flex or help as needed in other locations. He is well respected by patients, coworkers,and facility staff as well as administration in the 4 homes where he serves as evaluating therapist. Hunter also helps as needed with evals in other facilities. He is always positive and demonstrates a genuine love for his patients. In addition to being an excellent therapist, he is truly a good guy. He was recently caught with his dancing shoes on again filling in for a buddy who was working and couldn’t participate in his toddler’s dance recital. We are blessed to have him on our team.



Ashley B., COTA – Ashley is the most energetic, loyal, hard-working, and kind therapist we know. She is always ready to volunteer to take the afternoon, work the weekend, or do something extra within the department. She is an asset to the her team and does an excellent job with assisting her supervising OT. She is optimistic and always has something nice to say about others. She is a valuable member of the TTC family.



Kassie A., SLP- Kassie has done an excellent job with building and maintaining a dysphagia census at her facility. She recently made a huge transition after many years of working at a different facility for TTC and has done a fantastic job with her new team. She is organized, thorough, timely, and is well respected by the staff . She is flexible in working the weekend rotation out there and provides quality one on one treatment with her patients. We are thrilled to seethe turn-around she has made for the dysphagia care in that facility.




Kimberly W. “Pumpkin”, Regional Coordinator -Pumpkin is a Regional Coordinator who has taken on a huge task of working in facilities that require considerable time on the road. She puts in a lot of hours each week to make sure that daily operations are running smoothly. She has limited techs at times so the tech work then falls on her, which is not easy for facilities that are hours away. Pumpkin is extremely loyal to TTC and goes above and beyond on a daily basis which sometimes includes the weekends. She is very knowledgeable and ensures that work is accurate and correct at all times. We would not have such smooth operations without Pumpkin as part of our team!! Pumpkin thank you so very much for putting your heart into your job!! We are so blessed to get to work with you!!



Amanda L., HR Coordinator – Amanda has been a TTC teammate for over 7 years and she continues to have a loyalty to TTC that is deeply rooted. Many of her responsibilities are behind the scenes and not visible to others, but they are critical in the success of our company. She consistently meets very difficult timelines and her thoroughness and attention to detail often results in savings for TTC and its employees. Amanda definitely goes above and beyond in her day to day duties at TTC and we are blessed to have her on our team.




Jodie S., PTA – Over the past few months Jodie has transitioned in her role, spending more time supporting our clinic. Typically, Jodie was spending the majority of her work day assisting in other settings and has done a fantastic job bringing her skills in our clinic! She excels at everything from patient care to being a wonderful teammate with our staff. We feel very fortunate to have Jodie assisting in our clinic over the past couple of months and appreciate her flexibility.





Karen M., PTA – Karen has been with Therapy Center since 2003. In her time with our company, she has worked in various areas: home health, outpatient, assisted living, inpatient rehab, and nursing home. She has gone from Marksville to Jeanerette to Welsh and everywhere in between. Her experience and “go with the flow” demeanor makes her an outstanding teammate and asset to Therapy Center. Karen does a great job of jumping in and helping out no matter where the day brings her. On those days when her scheduled day falls apart, she is asking, “who can I help?” We cannot thank you enough, Karen, for your assistance in the various areas over your time at TTC. Continuing to take panicked phone calls in the wee hours of the morning and changing your day because someone is out unexpectedly is appreciated beyond words. Thank you!


Sadie Figueiredo


Sadie has been with Therapy Center for over 7 years. As a speech therapist and mentor, Sadie is compassionate and understanding with all she comes into contact with. Sadie gives her all while at work, recently handling new situations and the off-boarding of facilities with grace. She is an instrumental asset to our Therapy Center Family! Thank you Sadie for all that you do!

What others shared about Sadie:

Sadie is very easy to talk to and has become a good friend. She is always available to listen and is eager to help out in any situation. She has helped me through some difficult times and has kept our conversations confidential which I appreciate. She is a great co-worker and a boss. We are lucky to have her!!


 Sadie is very understanding and flexible when life gets in the way. As a mom its nice to have a compassionate and caring boss who will help find coverage or help me make up time when needed. Sadie is not scared to put on her OT/PT hat in order to help her employees to get their job done when we are short and ensure the patients are getting the best care possible. We love Sadie!


Sadie is flexible and dependable. She has demonstrated loyalty to TTC in navigating the loss of contracts and has been ready and willing to jump into new areas without a second thought. She’s quick to problem solve independently regarding call ins in her area and is always willing to jump into patient care when needed.


Sadie is definitely a servant leader and demonstrates this by being the first person to volunteer to handle situations as they arise. She usually has a resolution to issues before notifying us that a problem exists, and her critical thinking in this manner is greatly appreciated and valued.


Sadie is a great leader. She works hard and puts in a lot of time to keep things progressing and improving. Sadie always sets the example of what makes for a great teammate and demonstrates an exemplary work ethic. She is accommodating, loyal, grounded and always gives her 100%.

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