National Athletic Training Month- Get the Facts


In March, we recognize the team of experts who treat musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries as part of  National Athletic Training Month . Our team of athletic trainers collaborate with physicians, physical therapists, coaches, student trainers, athletes, parents/guardians, administrative personnel and other health care professionals to ensure the best treatment and prevention measures are put in place for our patients.

What is an “Athletic Trainer” and what do they do?

Athletic trainers work with those individuals who are physically active or involved in sports participation through all stages of life. They prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries and medical conditions. With over 32,000 professional members of the National Athletic Training Association, the profession continues to grow and recognizes the importance of prevention and treatment of injuries.

Athletic trainers are not personal trainers or “trainers” who focus only on fitness and conditioning. Click on the image below to see more on the differences between athletic trainers and personal trainers.

personal trainer vs ats

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