Mr. Gerald: Success Story

Mr. Gerald is a loyal patient of the Therapy Center Center in Grand Coteau. He, along with his physicians, have entrusted us with his care following a multitude of events including Parkinson’s diagnoses, rehabilitation after cardiac surgery and most recently for his neck pain.

“Your staff is the reason that I come back to the Therapy Center for my treatment. They make me feel comfortable from the time I walk in. They are constantly concerned about my well-being, making sure I am pain free while doing the exercises. They make me aware of things that I wouldn’t normally think of by asking me questions.”

Along with exercises and treatment in the clinic, Kassy, DPT worked with Mr. Gerald on his posture and explained how his activities and home environment can affect his everyday well being. He was able to go back home and make modifications to his recliner as well as implement home exercises, all of which aided in his rehabilitation.

“Kassy goes above and beyond by giving me instruction and pointers that help me understand my condition. All three times that I have been a patient, my therapy was tailored to my condition at that time. Their ability to customize the therapy to me and my specific needs is another reason why I wanted to come back to Therapy Center.”

Watch Mr. Gerald in his own words below.

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