Maison Teche Success Story: Vicky Landry

At fifty-seven years old, Mrs. Vicky Landry came to Maison Teche Nursing Center for rehab to home after a lengthy hospital and inpatient stay at Iberia Rehab Hospital.  A year prior to her stay at Maison Teche, Mrs. Landry suffered from a malignant tumor in her brain and also had diabetes type II, hypothyroidism, chronic depression and rheumatoid arthritis.  After surgery she received home health therapy services, but was unable to restore her previous functional status which led her back to the hospital.

At her initial evaluation, Mrs. Landry required total assistance from two people for all functional mobility tasks and activities of daily living, including rolling in bed and sitting up from a lying down position.  She was unable to walk due to weakness and impaired balance.

Initially, Mrs. Landry was very hesitant to participate in therapy due to the pain from her wounds and had difficulty completing simple, lower level tasks requiring assistance from two people to get out of bed.  She was also very fearful of falling.  With the help of a supportive husband and staff, Mrs. Landry eventually became more open to physical, occupational and speech therapy and began progressing in all aspects of functional mobility.

“The therapists were excellent and really helped me out a lot to get me walking again.  If I ever needed something they were my go-to people, and they always figured out a solution,” says Mrs. Landry.

Our physical therapist, Karleigh Sigur, remembers when she first saw major improvements with Mrs. Landry.

“Mrs. Landry first began improving drastically once she trusted not only the therapists, but also herself, allowing her to push herself and get over her fear of falling and failing.  Once she was able to take her first steps with a rolling walker and assistance, she realized that her prior level of function was not only attainable, but very reasonable.”

Therapy Center prides itself on giving the best quality of care to our patients, and taking a special interest on each and every patient we treat.  Karleigh Sigur and the therapy team at Maison Teche exhibited this behavior with their treatment of Mrs. Landry.

Vicky Landry--success story 4“Mrs. Landry was very fond of her several dogs at home and missed them dearly.  We incorporated Maison Teche’s resident dog, Buddy, into therapy treatments when appropriate to engage Mrs. Landry.  With physical therapy, Mrs. Landry practiced recovering from falls and was challenged to get herself up from the floor to increase her safety upon return to home.  She utilized “It’s Never 2 Late” interactive computer program, which includes puzzles and memory games, and was able to stand for over thirty minutes at a time.  She was also challenged with walking up and down stairs, ramps, hills, loose gravel and uneven grass to prepare her for her return into the community.”

“Life is really good now as I am home with my husband and dogs.  I wasn’t able to do anything, really, when I first got to Maison Teche.  I had bed sores, couldn’t get out of bed without help, and wasn’t able to dress myself.  After completing physical, occupational and speech therapy I can now wash clothes, do light housework, load the dishwasher, walk outside with a cane, shower, and go grocery shopping with my husband,” says Mrs. Landry.

Our therapy team at Maison Teche is one-of-a-kind, explaining how rewarding it is to be able to make such an impact in our patients’ lives.

12 11 15 Vicky Frank Landry Visiting MTNC“Mrs. Landry is a wonderful success story and a true testament of how therapy, hard work, motivation, and strong family support can enable a person to return home and live the life they once lived without difficulty even after undergoing many obstacles and complications.  Even though we were so proud of her accomplishments and meeting all of her goals, we were sad to see her go.  She went from not wanting to participate initially to later being the first one to walk down to the therapy gym.  She brightened our days and was sure to put a smile on everyone’s face that she came in contact with.  Mrs. Landry might say that we impacted her life, but she also had a huge, positive impact on our lives as well,” explains Karleigh.

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