Looking Forward, Giving Back: Making a Difference in 2015

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” M. Ghandi 

In the spirit of giving back, Therapy Center launched a company-wide campaign called Looking Forward, Giving Back in January 2015.  Because our therapy team has grown to extend throughout the state of Louisiana, this outreach has been focused on giving back to the communities that we serve.

The Purpose

The reason for this campaign is to instill teamwork within our facilities and to recognize the continuous efforts our therapy staff are making in their communities.  We pride ourselves in our quality of work, the excellent therapy skills we provide, and making our facilities the best they can be.  We don’t want to stop there.  We want to go above and beyond for our patients, their families, and our communities.  We want people to think of Therapy Center as more than just a business, but a family.

The Outcome

We are proud to announce the many works our therapy teams around the state participated in throughout the year of 2015!  Therapy Center partnered with multiple blood donation centers, food donation centers, and many other non-profit organizations.  Our entire company participated in a shoe drive for Cameron’s Shoes Foundation, and ended up donating a total of 1,026 pairs of shoes to the foundation.  Lemoine Therapy, our outpatient clinic in Marksville, La, partnered with The Food Bank of Central Louisiana and donated over 1,000 pounds of food to be distributed to those in need around central Louisiana.  These simple acts of kindness among many are the reason we celebrate the hard-working, caring employees of Therapy Center.  We are so proud of the work they have done for the communities we serve.

Cameron ShoesCOLLECTION 3

As mentioned before, Therapy Center was able to donate a total of 1,026 pairs of shoes to the Cameron’s Shoes Foundation.  Some stand out donations from specific therapy teams included our team at Acadia St. Landry Guest Home with a total of 176 pairs of shoes, and Valley View Health Care with a total of 75 pairs of shoes.

Blood Center Donations

feb blood drivev participantsMultiple therapy teams partnered up with blood centers in their area to put on blood drives throughout the year.  Our outpatient clinic, Therapy Center Carencro, partnered with United Blood Services and put on a total of three blood drives in 2015, saving over 150 lives with their donations.  The nursing home therapy teams in Avoyelles parish came together partnered with LifeShare Blood Center throughout the year and put on two very successful blood drives, saving over 115 lives.  Those therapy teams included Valley View Health Care, Colonial Nursing Home, Hessmer Nursing Home, Bayou Vista Community Care Center and Lemoine Therapy Services.


Alzheimer’s Association

We had therapists from multiple therapy teams throughout Therapy Center participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s during 2015.  Participants included our therapists from LaSalle Nursing Home, Maison Teche Nursing Center,  and Savoy Care Center.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Our therapy team at Bayou Chateau Nursing Center participated in “Knitting for the Kids.”  The team along with our residents made blankets for children undergoing treatment at St. Jude, and sent the blankets off to the hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  Along with making the blankets, our therapy team also took donations for the non-profit and made flyers to advertise throughout the nursing home.

Food Bank of Central Louisiana

Our therapy team at Lemoine Therapy in Marksville was able to set up an official drop site for the Food Bank of Central Louisiana in the lobby of the clinic.  Lemoine collected over 1,000 pounds of canned goods in one month, and continues to collect and distribute canned goods to the Food Bank in Alexandria each month.  This therapy team also collected goods for the needy veterans in Avoyelles parish throughout the Christmas holiday.

Brennan’s Blessings Toy Drive

Therapy Center’s outpatient clinic in Jennings collected toys for children in need to be distributed during the Christmas holiday.  This therapy team also partnered with the Council on Aging and held a blanket drive.  The blankets that were collected were donated to the Council on Aging and distributed to the elderly population in need around the community.

A Look Back

All in all, Therapy Center went above and beyond by giving back to the communities we serve last year.  We could not be prouder of our employees, and their want to give back to those in need.  Although we are proud, we are not done yet.  Our company is committed to the quality care we give our patients, and going above and beyond the call of duty.  We are ready to give even more of our time to those in need this year.  We challenge ourselves to be better and give more, because that is what sets us apart from all others.

For more information on our Looking Forward, Giving Back campaign please visit our blog at www.therapyctr.com.


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