Is your therapy company maximizing YOUR Case Mix Index?

Every Skilled Nursing Facility knows the value of Medicare Part A revenue. However, did you know that successfully managing your CMI can yield high value with little cost?

CMI, or  Case Mix Index, is the reimbursement system for Louisiana State Medicaid. As explained during its introduction to Louisiana back in 2002, the Case Mix payment system is a program where pennies turn into big dollars very quickly. Proper management of your facility’s CMI can significantly improve your bottom line! Your therapy team can play a significant, active role in helping to improve your CMI score. It is imperative that your therapy company be proactive and also possess the knowledge to understand how to effectively impact CMI.

At Therapy Center, we regulate quarterly screens, fall screens, weight loss, and more to ensure that patients are evaluated in a timely manner when declines are noted. We remain in conversation at all times with our the case mix personnel at each of our partner facilities to foster open lines of communication when setting ARDs that will most appropriately capture an accurate view of each resident and the services that are being provided to them.

Our assistance in establishing Restorative Nursing Programs, regularly screening residents with contractures, and working with high level residents to maximize quality of life within the nursing home and various activity settings are just a few examples of ways that we help provide the best care to our residents, while assisting our rehabilitation partners in maximizing CMI.

How confident are you that your therapy company has the knowledge and skill to help you successfully maximize your Case Mix Index? We know our business; the business of therapy; the business of Customer Partnership, and we can help your facility maximize CMI and improve the bottom line!

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