Is There a Disconnect Between Departments in Your Facility?

We’re Bridging the Gap.

Medicare requirements and constantly changing regulations have, through years of constant scrutiny, facilitated an environment of accountability, demand for quality, and an expectation of excellence within the skilled nursing setting. However, strenuous and detailed paperwork demands alone are enough to create tension and disconnect between departments and disciplines.

The result: a distorted, inaccurate view of the patient in the medical record, making it very easy for auditors to deny claims for services provided.

At Therapy Center, we recognize the heavy demands placed on each department in order to provide accuracy in reporting. We’ve implemented methods, individualized for each of our partner facilities, to open the lines of communication between all departments. Therapy Center provides CNA training to understand and interpret the definition of assistance given to patients, and how to accurately record this on ADL flow sheets. We participate in facility staff meetings to discuss caseloads and patient deficits, in order to pinpoint areas of concern, as well as to identify inconsistencies noted between disciplines.

In fulfillment of our guarantee for quality and excellence to our customers, staff education and program development are areas of constant focus. Whether it be reviewing charts, collaborating with staff, or serving on committees – Therapy Center believes that building strong relationships is not only our responsibility has also been a great strength for our company. Ensuring the best clinical outcomes for our patients and best financial outcomes for our clients remains our top priority!


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