How to Battle a Bad Day

The entire basis of this month’s blog will be based on one simple phrase, and you will read it several times over the next few minutes. Every day is a good day. Read it again. Every day is a good day. I say that because if you are reading this right now you’re doing a lot better than many people all over the world are doing at this very moment. Look, life is tough sometimes. That’s no secret. Life is also incredibly beautiful sometimes, and that’s an important fact to hold on to. But let’s call a spade a spade, folks. Some days feel like super-duper lousy days. I’m talking terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, nothing is going your way kind of days. A fight with a loved one, a disobedient child or 3, a bad grade, a crazy heavy caseload or documentation overload, or a devastating report from a doctor..bad days take many forms, and curveballs get thrown at us sometimes. But attitude is everything, ya’ll, and in hindsight, even on your worst day—every day is a good day.

Here are some tips from me to you on keeping a positive attitude while battling a bad day (and yes—I’ll be using cheesy, cliché quotes—because I can):

  1. “This too shall pass.”—Nothing in this life lasts forever. Think about it—its rains then it stops, you get hurt then you heal, it gets dark then it’s light again. Just because life is tough for a moment doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, and just because you’re mad or sad doesn’t mean you can’t smile. You’re having a bad today? Make tomorrow a good one. You get a second chance every second. Make it count.
  2. “If you want to feel good, do good.”—That’s legit advice, people. Be selfless even if it’s for a selfish reason. Get out of your own head, and go do something that benefits someone other than yourself. It will turn your bad day into a good me.
  3. “If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet.”—Booya! This is one of my favorites. Complaining will not fix your bad day. Sure..a little rant might make you feel better for a second, but that instant gratification will not last. In fact, it will likely just add fuel to the lousy day fire. So every time you feel like complaining to someone—stop—and tell them something good instead.
  4. “Love yourself first.”—That’s right, treat yourself! Go get you a little massage, or splurge on your favorite meal, or buy yourself something pretty. A dose of positive emotion will help to battle the bad day. You know yourself well enough that you have a list of things that you know, for a fact, will boost your mood. Pull that puppy out and pick one!
  5. “What will be, will be.”—So very true. Real strength comes when you prefer to smile and appreciate life instead of cry and complain. There are blessings hidden in every bad day, but you have to be willing to look for them. We can’t force things to happen. We can certainly drive ourselves crazy trying, but at some point we have to let go—because what’s meant to be will be.

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Authored by Kayla Stansbury, Recruiter


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