Helping Hands throughout Therapy Center!

Helping Hands

As a company Therapy Center prides itself on having the best of the best employees.  In order to recognize our staff, we have started a quarterly recognition program we call “Helping Hands.”  Helping Hands are Team Members we highlight who go above and beyond their job duties to set an example of leadership and team work for the entire company.  We want our employees to get the praise and accolades they deserve for making Therapy Center one of the best therapy providers around!

Baxter Deal

baxter dealMr. Deal has been with Therapy Center going on twelve years!  His dual OT/PT degree allows him to provide support in a number of situations in the Jennings area, and he is always willing to do just that!  His main responsibility is inpatient rehab; however, Bo has helped in any capacity Therapy Center needs including the hospital, nursing home and home health.  Bo is always willing to assist with coverage for therapists who are out, and he’s also willing to see home health patients before or after his normal routine if needed.  Therapy Center says THANK YOU for being such a great team player, Bo!

Blake Debusk

blake debuskBlake has been a team player with Therapy Center for a year and a half and has truly proven himself to be a reliable, hard-working asset to the company.  Blake has a great personality, getting along with all of his co-workers and winning the hearts of all of his patients!  Blake is a true team player and always has a smile on his face with an answer of “Okie Dokie!”  Thank you Blake for being such a great person and worker for Therapy Center.

Kimberly Lacombe

kimberly lacombeKim is known as the go-to person at our outpatient clinic, Lemoine Therapy, in Marksville.  She helps to keep the facility running smoothly on a daily basis!  Kim has been with us for four and a half years and has developed the skills and confidence that has made her an invaluable asset to our company.  We are proud of you Kim, keep up the great work!

Karen McGovern

karen mcgovernKaren is a PTA and has been with Therapy Center since 2003.  She has been a consistent model of quality therapy, dedication, good attitude and hard work!  She has worked in most regions of the company, and is currently splitting her time between home health and nursing home, which is no easy task.  Karen is a go-getter and is not afraid to work!  She is willing to go above and beyond, including offering help to other therapists whenever she has extra time.  Clients request her by name because of her accommodating style, her timeliness, and her solid reputation for thorough care.  Thank you, Karen, for being an amazing therapist for our company!

Rebecca Monteau

rebecca monteauRebecca joined our team at Therapy Center a little over a year ago, and in that time has proven herself a great asset to our company!  Rebecca has demonstrated impeccable clinical skills, is a patient advocate, and she regularly goes above and beyond her job duties for her patients.  Becky’s regular work schedule places her at Jeff Davis Living Center, Savoy Care Center, and Basile Care Center, where she contributes her expertise as an OTA.  She has also contributed to recruiting and education for Therapy Center, speaking with our Director of Education, Danielle Keyser, at LSUNO on the subject of Laws, Supervision, and Establishing an Effective OT/COTA relationship.  Becky is a classic representation of Therapy Center’s goals and standards.  She strives to give every patient superior care and is well-liked among all nursing home and therapy staff.  We thank you, Rebecca, for all that you do!

Brooke Normand

brooke normandBrooke has been a Speech Therapist for Therapy Center for several years and is wonderful therapist.  Brooke is often treating patients a multiple facilities and she does so with a smile on her face.  Brooke has been an integral part of the facilities that she works in, helping teach others and is often the glue holding things together.  She is so deserving of this award because she has proven time and time again to be such a huge asset to Therapy Center, always going above and beyond in her work.  Thank you, Brooke!

The Big Picture

These employees are among the many that make Therapy Center what it is, a premium therapy provider.  They are a testament to our company striving to hire the best of the best.  Therapy Center knows that our employees make us who we are, and we are proud to acknowledge their accomplishments throughout the year!



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