Helping Hands- Service Is Our Culture

It’s no secret that Therapy Center has the BEST team of professionals in the business! We know that it’s our wonderful group of dedicated, hard-working team members who make us who we are. We want to take time each quarter to recognize just a few of our many awesome team members who consistently go above and beyond their job duties and set an example of leadership and team work for us all.


Anna has been with the Therapy Center for nearly a year. She came from the occupational medicine field in Houston, TX to a job combining outpatient, home health, and inpatient rehab and everywhere in between. I can’t imagine Therapy Center without her. Thank you Anna for coming along and joining our Therapy Center family. We hope you have enjoyed your first year as much as we have enjoyed having you.


April is new to the area of therapy and skilled nursing facilities. April has been asked to help with attending morning meetings and be the face of the Therapy Center.  She has had to work without a tech while learning both what is expected of her in her field as well as needs of the facility.  We could not do it without April and all of her dedication to her patients, the facility, team members, and to the Therapy Center.  We are so grateful to have such a great person to work with us.

Ashley  is in her eighth year with the Therapy Center.  Through the years, Ashley has served multiple roles within the company. Her current role is to fill in wherever is needed and assist all clinics with plan of care tracking. It is somewhat difficult to go in and out of positions, but when filling in this last quarter, Ashley has done a tremendous job. She has communicated to all involved parties with any changes or questions that occur with the schedule so our patients get the best possible experience in our office.  Thank you Ashley for being so diligent! It really makes a difference.

Crystal has gone above and beyond to assist in surrounding areas.  She is always willing and taking initiative to offer help wherever is needed. Crystal has done a great job providing education to nursing home staff on dysphagia and is a great team player. She shows compassion for patients and provides great quality treatment to make sure the patient reaches their personal goal.  Thank you so much for your loyalty and dedication to TTC!  Job well done!!

Hunter has been a tremendous addition to the team.  The residents, facility staff, and his coworkers appreciate his positive attitude, his easy going personality, and his willingness to help.  Hunter has worked between his two facilities and his team surely appreciate his timeliness with documentation.   Many of us could learn from Hunter’s compassionate approach and bedside manner as he can sway some of the most stubborn patients to participate in the most challenging tasks. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure our residents not only meet their goals but also smile! We appreciate you!

Kim has gone above and beyond to provide help where needed. Whether this is working the needed hours to ensure proper patient care or covering on weekends, Kim is often the first to volunteer.   Kim has always been very pleasant and displays a positive attitude that her patients and those around her notice and appreciate.   We greatly appreciate her hard work and what she brings to our team. She has been and remains an asset to the Therapy Center.

Lisa has been a presence in our Therapy Center family for 10 years. She brings a level of clinical excellence that is recognized and appreciated by all clinicians that work with her. Patients rarely refuse the opportunity to work with her, and she is always willing to think outside the box to deliver the best treatment possible. Lisa is easy going and flexible, willing to handle whatever the facility needs of her. Lisa has done a great job adapting to healthcare changes and does a fabulous job not only with patient care but also with documentation. She has received the award for having the highest documentation score for 5 different quarters. Thank you, Lisa, for being a part of the TTC family!

Although Paula has only been with Therapy Center for a short time, she has been a great addition to our team. She is eager to learn new things and help in any way possible. She is flexible and reliable. Patients enjoy her spirit and compassion. Paula’s good-hearted nature shines through in all she does. As far as rookie’s go, she has set the bar high.

Samantha has proven to be a valuable asset to our company.  She has covered maternity leaves at one of our biggest homes and is currently assisting with another facility over an hour away from her house.  She is organized and keeps others on track with planning and paperwork.  Sam is an excellent communicator and is always willing to be flexible.  We are thrilled to have Sam as a part of our organization.


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